Financial Restructuring Project

The PWA Consulting participated and succeeded in project implemented in company with the economic situation of crisis, aiming to provide a balance sheet solvent.
In the diagnostic phase, the PWA observed a situation of difficulty of honoring the company's creditors on screen, even though there were sustainable assets.
Even at this stage, financial projections of the business plan were made and the future cash flow was evaluated.
The project implementation phase was made long term with estimated time of two years.
Together with the client, and then the proposition, renegotiation measures were adopted and renegotiation of debts with creditors, recovering at the end of the project, the company's credibility before the market.

Working Capital Management project

The PWA had the opportunity to realize a project company with difficulty in working capital management. In the present case, wages and materials were funded with overdraft and any delay in customer payment receipt could leave the company outside the banking limits. The by PWA Consulting proposed solution was to set up ways to generate sustainable cash flows through renegotiations and cost reduction, and the achievement of corporate governance for renegotiation of debts. In seven months, the company began to get positive results and increased its equity.


Cost Efficiency Project

The PWA has drawn up a project company with operational inefficiencies and high costs of frame motivated by lack of investment, poor management, cost disadvantages and accumulations of tax losses.
The solution was to structure reorganization and tax planning, with change of tax regime, implementation of new technologies, planning and financial planning through cash rationing and adoption of strategies for settlement of administrative and non-operating liabilities.
For a year and a half, the PWA participated in the implementation phase with the line managers of the company, succeeding in recent results.

Non-operating costs identification to support Bidding Process - Integrated Business Solutions

        The consultancy developed by PWA attended a private company, whose name or business name are not revealed by ethical issue, which is engaged in the provision of professional supply complete solutions for equipment and engineering services for industrial process automation , training, maintenance, service, repair, trade, import and export of industrial products.
The asker organization has the expertise in serving companies in the areas of industrial production, such as chemical and petrochemical industries; steel mills; paper and cellulose; electricity; automotive and food industries.
Noteworthy is the development of industrial automation system.
The scope of work was to assist the consulting organization in the preparatory phase of a bid the best price and technical modality in the development of an industrial automation system to a petrochemical company.
This required that the contracted consultant should make an study of scenarios that would be faced by the consultant organization in relation to non-operating costs, seeking the best alternative to lower expenses and to minimize future litigation.
The tools used for the study occurred with footstool local law and legal understanding of the State Court and High Courts for the purpose of giving greater security to the development of the activity, as well as the impacts detachment of its employees or the constitution a physical location for the execution of work, especially in the deployment phase, since there is need for different acceptance testing and maintenance, which is not possible to remotely.
Indeed, the expertise that focused on the development of the consulting work were legal in matters: tax, labor and corporate law; RH; financial.
In the consultancy provided by PWA, it was observed the labor issue, regarding the impacts of displacement of employees to the place of establishment of the bidding company for the eventual development of the system and his maintenance when deploying.
The consultancy also made a short study of the need to establish a subsidiary in the place of the bidding company.
Initially, the consultancy has analyzed the social contract of the consultant company, in order to ensure the possibility opening branch.
Immediately thereafter, he studied the advantage and disadvantage of the opening up of a subsidiary in the place of the bidding company.
Finally, after analyzing the above skills, financial advisory measured the costs of each project component.
With the report of the scenarios for each area, there was an internal meeting between the consultants who participated in the project in order to discuss and present to the client the result of the assignment, with the best the lower non-operating costs.
Through this project the work was considered a success, in that the consulting organization won the bidding and performing the contract safely without it having unexpected, reaped any non-operational risks through consulting.