Management tool that ensures the implementation of competitive strategies, allowing the targeting of human, financial and technology so that the objectives are achieved in the short, medium and long term.


Technique that aims to define and implement changes able to increase the responsiveness of front organizations to external and management challenges in their industry in order to improve their performance through the following instruments:
Rationalization of division and coordination of work;
Optimization of working processes;
Enhancement of the quality of strategic decisions;
Enhancement of skills and resources, the main benefits of dequação and alignment of the organizational model;
Understanding of everyone involved in the process so they have a more precise sense of the impact of their responsibilities and work in achieving the company's goals, to ensure that each of the parts of the structure, contribute, so that all units are aligned and connected to each other, creating productive and collaborative convergence between them.


The chain of business value is a set of activities performed by an organization from the sources of basic raw material, through suppliers , cycles of production and sale to the final phase distribution. In the value chain, cost and product quality are responsible for competitive advantage.The cost reduction and the pursuit of efficiency in use of resources are the main objectives of the entrepreneur's time to review the value chain. Thus, the company can expand its margin (the difference between the total value and the cost of activities) based on methods that allow:
know the functions of the value chain in the realization of the company's business;
know the role (purpose) of each function in the value chain of the respective department, generating activities result, support skills and their competency levels;
Establish a Model Management and Business Performance Evaluation through People;
Enable managers and employees to implement the methodologies of the proposed project.


The process mapping is critical for managers to know the working procedures of each department in your organization, in order to assist in decision-making, improved business sustainability, process optimization and reduction of the organization's operating costs.