Coaching is a process (consisting of sessions) where the coach (professional) helps the coachee (client) to identify the current status and planning the strategy to be implemented, given existing resources and those that need to be acquired, so that the coachee can act consciously and get the desired results in time that the client himself determined.) Individual: the customer will have the opportunity to work your goal, personal and/or professional level, exclusively.


a) Individual: the customer will have the opportunity to work your goal, personal and / or professional level, exclusively.
b) Group: occurs when two or more people work different goals in group. The benefits of this method are: the division of expenses in relation to investment coaching and learning from others' experience.
c) Group: occurs when the synergy of two or more people is essential to achieve a common goal. For example, the group consists of two sales people, a marketing person, a customer service person and three people in the finance department want to increase 15% of the companies where sales work. In this mode, each participant will be aware, even more, their role in the process as a whole, the attitude of each member affects the others, which is effective and direct communication with good manners, etc.


Quality care and humane.
Coach Certified by the Brazilian Institute of Coaching.
Performed in-company or in the office premises of the PWA Consulting.
10 sessions (limited to 5 months)
One tool per session will be worked as well as follow-up activities to support the development of the members.
Behavioral assessment application with DISC methodology at the beginning of the coaching process.
Confidentiality on the issues discussed.
Note: if the company is paying to the coaching process, the information should be made available will be aware of all the parties involved and formalized by contract.

It is important that the customer knows that the coaching process requires willingness to make changes in attitudes and behaviors as well as having u high level of commitment to carry out activities


Structured according to the client's needs
Performed in-company or in the office premises of the PWA Consulting.
Suggested topics:
Motivation and Career;
Strategic Planning;
Sales and Negotiation Techniques;
Customer Service;
Time Management;
Applied Emotional Education.

Training Rooms

Recruitment and selection
Mappings of technical and behavioral needs of the job
Personnel recruitment through interviews and testing the technical part.
Report realization of sending to the client
Forwarding of finalists who submit technical and behavioral profile more consistent with customer demand to continue the process.
Note: the finalists underwent behavioral assessment with DISC methodology.
Restructuring teams based on behavioral and skills profiles.

Strategic Human Resource Management

The strategic management of human resources assists in recruitment, hiring, motivation, evaluation, retention, development and shutdown professionals in their organizations.
These tasks are of paramount importance, require special attention and care because they are directly related to productivity, performance and internal and external image of the company.


Aims to create an efficient set of monitoring mechanisms to ensure the company's alignment with the guidelines adopted by their representatives, as follows:
defining limits of performance and professionalization;
resource allocation policy;
Assistance in the differentiation between the company's cash and personal box of partners;
Assistance transparency with external and internal market;
Consulting for achieving clear management structures (Board of Directors and Technical Committees).