The PWA Consulting was founded by the Administrator Walter Silva (CRP: 94,556) and acts through a multidisciplinary team consisting of administrators, lawyers, accountants and other specialized consultants, working together, trying to provide customers with customized solutions through planning and business strategy.
Historically, the motivation for the creation of PWA Consulting took from the vision of its founding partner of many companies spent a lot of money to hire several companies in different industries to solve their problems. Thus it was thought the innovative proposal could provide more quality and economic efficiency from the sum of the knowledge of expert consultants, which at the same time could offer integrated and compatible solutions with the new financial reality of companies, which need to achieve more return and value added by means of contracted services.
always acting according to the customer profile, whether individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, the PWA Consulting aims to achieve sustainable results through the structuring of customized projects and training customers.
Projects PWA Consulting have four steps: diagnosis, recommendation, implementation and evolution (customer training).


The Mission of the PWA Consulting is to generate integrated business solutions in line with customer expectations and with the most appropriate resources available in the market providing security and tranquility to the customer so that he can focus on driving their business.


The main values ​​of the PWA Consulting are: responsibility, commitment, honesty, punctuality, excellence and flexibility.


To be the best consulting firm and focused advice to small and medium enterprises and contribute to the development of each location where the customer is served.