For all projects and strategic solutions for the activities of recovery prepared by the PWA have integrated counseling by experts in various areas and are developed in four (4) phases:

We seek to identify and map all unproductive processes or generate unnecessary costs for our customers. These surveys and assessments should compose a historical series for comparison with previous data of the company and the industry in which it operates. With such research, it is possible to align the guidelines for Consulting action aimed at sustainability and economic development Noss customers.

We report to customers on the data collected and analyzed in order to set goals and select the best actions to be implemented to mitigate the costs and losses in order to reduce liabilities and increase revenues.
We put into practice the actions planned in the previous phase, including through training, which can be achieved with specific training for the consolidation of the objectives set by customers, aiming at the consolidation of the new culture of generating lasting results.

In this final stage, we try to train the client to maintain effective management, the consolidation of newly acquired for sustainable and lasting results culture. See, in a didactic way, our model:
See didactically our model:

See in a didatic way model:

PWA Project Methodology.