Mapping of the production processes of the company;
Indicative Analysis:
Shielding and renegotiating with suppliers and creditors;
Expenses, non-operating losses and liabilities;
Cash flow, results and financial statements, and balance sheets;
Bank renegotiations;
Preliminary procedures and / or feasibility of corporate reorganizations;
Regular books and inventories;
Monitoring expenditures, investments and implementation of new applications;
Identifying and managing risks;
Investment advice.



It allows the entrepreneur understands where it is, where and how you want to reach your goal. There is no financial planning without adopting administrative and financial control mechanisms. These are mechanisms that provide the necessary support for the development of the projection results of a company. Examples of administrative controls we analyzed.


Through it the company can not only predict future revenues, but also have a clearer idea of its cash generation. It is through the control of sales that the business owner can, for example, estimate the average time allowed on credit sales, as the default rate among its customers.


In turn, similar to sales, this control allows the entrepreneur can estimate the medium-term purchases of their own company. In this context, the entrepreneur should seek coordinate the timing of stock replacement with periods in which the company has increased cash availability. The possibility of cash payment of goods allows the entrepreneur to negotiate more favorable terms with its suppliers.


Only then the entrepreneur can know exactly how much has "Invested" in stocks, either raw materials or final goods. The inventory planning is critical to the management of a company's cash as excess inventories may jeopardize the company's financial health.


The control cashier is undoubtedly the financial control mechanism adopted by most companies. After all, without it the business risks, later this month, do not have sufficient cash to pay for the expenses of the company being forced to delay payment of some pending or resort to a last-minute funding.

Good administrative and financial management is essential for effective development practice and the structured growth of any organization, making it impossible to draw a viable and executable strategic planning without having in hand administrative data and reliable financial.


Techniques and methods for the economic recovery of the company and maintain its activity. The Business Recovery can be adopted both of mere financial decline phase as in situations of economic and financial crisis.